Why Learn English in Montreal?

  • Paul Sullivan
  • August 29, 2018

Why Learn English in Montreal?


Learning English is more important today than it ever has been. English, both in North America and abroad, is the one language most associated with business and travel. Strong English skills mean communicating that much easier with both native speakers and people around the world. And if you’re trying to master this lingua franca, Montreal may be one of the best cities to learn it in.

So, why should you learn English in Montreal? The English language has a strong presence Quebec’s largest city, both as a language of commerce and as a language of art. Not only will you find a number of businesses that work and thrive in English, including Ubisoft, CGI, and DAVIDsTEA, but English language culture forms part of Montreal’s rich identity.

Whatever you are hoping to experience is available year-round. Looking to hear from some original Montreal writers? Hoping to listen to homebrewed Montreal music? English art is present in every corner of the city. Everything from English television to Shakespeare in the Park can be found in Montreal, and the English-speaking community has produced such incredible artists as Mordecai Richler, Leonard Cohen, and even indie rock groups Arcade Fire and Stars. You can be sure that learning English in a city that boasts such high quality productions will make mastering the language a unique and pleasurable experience.

But we’re not the only ones excited for you to learn English in the city. In 2017, Montreal was voted the best city in the world for students by QS Best Student City Rating. What makes it the top city? Criteria include quality of life, city culture, employment opportunities, cleanliness, and cultural diversity. Better yet, cost of living is lower in Montreal than in any other major Canadian city (take that, Toronto!). So, you can use that extra cash to try some of Montreal’s famous microbrewery beers, world-famous smoked meat, or even our do-or-die bagels.

Speaking of Montreal landmarks, you’ll be surprised to learn that a number of neighbourhoods provide great places to master Shakespeare’s tongue. Looking to shop? The Monkland Village has its own hub with a flurry of shops. If you want to get a coffee and enjoy the sites, Notre-Dame-de-Grace is full of small cafés bustling with English-speakers. And don’t forget the nightlife downtown: after a couple of beers, just about anyone feels fluent in English.

Despite the rough history, the tension between English- and French-speakers has changed and the tables have turned. Language exchanges, where native speakers of different tongues meet up to hone their skills and trade know-how, are becoming more and more popular in the city. That means that not only will you be able to find fun and free events to polish your English, but you can even practice other languages at the same time. Meet-up groups for French, Spanish, and even Japanese can be found in a number of venues across Montreal. Websites like meetup.com and mylanguageexchange.com are just waiting for folks like you to set a date and time and show up.

If you want to learn in style, Montreal hosts a variety of English language schools, which feature programs designed to improve your communication skills. You can achieve your language goals in schools made to welcome immigrants, students from abroad, business professionals, and those simply curious enough to upgrade their competencies. Montreal language schools are known across Quebec for providing the best programs to allow students to absorb and practice the language. If you’re looking for a great school known all around the province, Sullivan Language Centre is a quality choice for classes in English, French, and Spanish. Take a fun and challenging class with us and see how fast you can improve!