The Future

  • Paul Sullivan
  • September 23, 2019

The verb “may” can be used for politeness or to represent a 25% possibility.

  • Paul Sullivan
  • September 13, 2019

The verb “may” can be used for politeness or to represent a 25% possibility.

Improve Your Language Skills!

  • Paul Sullivan
  • September 6, 2019

In today’s world, speaking more than one language is an asset. If you’re looking to jump-start your career and open up opportunities left, right, and centre, look no further than the Sullivan Language Centre. We have the class you need, tailored to fit any schedule.

We are a unique language school focused on making language learning both effective and enjoyable. We offer a wide variety of English language, French language, and Spanish language classes made to improve your language skills fast! Whether you’re planning on learning business English, want to perfect your French communication, need writing workshops in English, or want writing workshops in French, we have a class specifically for you! With our small class sizes and with teachers who simply love what they do, you will achieve your language goals in a way that’s fast and fun. It’s time to maximize your communication skills!

At Sullivan, we aim to make language learning fun. It isn’t easy to learn English syntax or perfect your French grammar, but we help you sort out the tough stuff and send you right on the way to eliminating the difficulty in learning French and learning English.

You find vocabulary hard to absorb? No problem! We will present you with real, in-use examples of every word you could want to know. Our lessons make use of English language and French language culture, including videos, games, debates, and more!

Switching languages can be hard, given that there are a lot of false friends between English, French, and Spanish. We offer classes that allow you to fix common issues speakers face. You will have the language skills you need without the headache! 

Our classes center on the way you learn best. We have a unique approach that addresses your specific needs and allows us to change the course curriculum to adhere to whatever your language needs may be. Whatever style you prefer, and whatever goals you might have in mind, your teacher and your class will adapt to your needs.

Grammar and syntax can be one of the most challenging aspects to learning a language. But not to worry! We make grammar easy by introducing tested-and-true exercises developed by passionate teachers with real experience. Your English grammar will be so much better, your French syntax will be cleaner, and your patience won’t pay the price for it. We will get you using your language skills and have you sharpen your ability to express yourself in no time.

If you’re up for the adventure and want to polish your English or master French, you will be pleased to know we are extremely flexible with our courses. Unlike other English language schools or French language schools, we bring the class to you! We teach you wherever you like, whether in your office or in the comfort of your own home, and adapt our schedule to you.

Are you ready to start? Sign up for a course today. The Sullivan Language Centre awaits you!