The Sullivan method to speak English and French

Flexible, fun, and personalized business English and French language training.


Speaking and interacting in a dynamic setting

The Sullivan Method is our success strategy for language learning: speaking and interacting in a dynamic setting. From the very first course, our objective is to help you develop greater fluency and a richer and on-target vocabulary that will give you the confidence you need in both personal and work situations.

We offer an eight-level program (English and French) in intensive and part-time formats. Whether it’s your first contact with the language or a refresher, we can help you meet your objectives rapidly.

Our unique program is customized to your business reality in order to achieve the best results in the least amount of time. Each course is designed and adapted with the student’s needs in mind; the class evolves based on your needs and takes shape with fun, immersive activities.

Each class typically begins with a vocabulary module that includes new verbs, idiomatic expressions and terms for specific fields. Then, during the grammar module, the teacher reviews core language usage—such as verb tenses—within a conversational context. We then guide students through conversations on a variety of topics along with readings and games, all designed to optimize language acquisition and increase fluency.

Highly qualified and motivated teachers

The Sullivan Method works!

Our results

You can expect better fluency and comprehension, greater vocabulary knowledge, an ease and confidence of communication, improved pronunciation and a detailed understanding of English or French grammar structures.

Accelerated learning

Our small class sizes also accelerate the learning process and guarantee each student a maximum of class-time conversation. You’ll take part in lively discussions while our highly qualified and experienced second-language teachers guide and correct you.

At the end of the session, each student receives an attestation detailing their results. As the Sullivan Language Centre is accredited by Emploi Quebec, our course fees are deductible.

Dynamic virtual classes

Our online courses offer a wide variety of tools to help you achieve your goals in a fun and engaging environment. We use a variety of learning materials, from online resources to explanatory videos and interactive games, to help you become familiar with the language you need to master.

Choose the Sullivan method

Paul Sullivan

English teacher

I discovered teaching English quite by accident when I decided to do some volunteer work at a local community centre. On my first day, they told me to expect 3 students but when I opened the door, there were over 30 students waiting for me. Life is always full of surprises! Teaching business English is a true passion which allows me to meet people from all walks of life and help them attain their language goals. I have travelled to many distant places and have a particular interest in learning new languages myself. I hope to never stop learning, which I think is an important characteristic for a language teacher to have. I have a B.A in both English Literature and Political Science as well as certification as a TESL teacher. I have over 22 years of experience in teaching English as a second language.

Katie Noonan

English teacher

After graduating from university, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I moved to Montreal four years ago, and discovered my passion for teaching English as a second language. I completed my TESL certification in Toronto and have a B.A in English Literature. I have taught a variety of levels and have learned about different cultures from students from around the world. I strive to create interesting and engaging lessons and my classes are fun and full of laughter. I like to challenge myself to think of new ways to present grammar points and vocabulary, and often use games and role play activities.

Jessica Grosman

English teacher

Born and raised in Montreal, I know how important language skills are for the job market and social situations. I teach English so my clients are not limited by language, allowing them to concentrate on expressing their talents and fulfilling their responsibilities. My classes focus on building communication skills, especially speaking and writing English. I like to include lots of interactive language games; we always have some laughs while learning. Before teaching, I worked in media, at a magazine and a radio station.

Jerome Ramcharitar

English teacher

If your ears are still ringing, you probably just had class with me. High energy and humour are my signatures—so whether I’m teaching basic conversation, advanced grammar, or English poetry, you can be sure it went by fast! I’ve been teaching for four years, at every level of English you can imagine. People fascinate me, and naturally I’ve taken every opportunity to work with and help them. How did I get here? I have an M.A. in English Literature. With that kind of training, I’ve worked in some dangerous fields, including tea craftsmanship, academic editing, and creative publication.

Andre Comeau

English teacher

My love of languages, travel, and culture has nourished me as an English teacher. After finishing my bachelor’s degree in education, I found myself teaching in Louisiana, and then in Nova Scotia, only to later set foot in Montreal. My many teaching experiences have taught me the importance of patience, creativity, student-teacher respect, and listening—in sum, all the aspects I bring to class. Paired with my energy and sense of humour, my teaching methods are designed to obtain the best results. The Sullivan Language Centre has allowed me to teach in a positive, passionate, and rewarding environment. I encourage you to find out more.

Leah Lefort

English teacher

I have been captivated and fascinated by the English language for as long as I can remember. After receiving my BA with Honours in English literature, I realized that having a career in language was right for me. I was TESL certified in 2013 and have been teaching ever since. As a learner of a second language myself (currently French level 5), I am especially tuned-in to the challenges of adult learners in their professional environments. I believe in an organic approach to teaching grammar, and use relevancy and humour to facilitate understanding. I believe in setting tangible “real-life” language goals, and am constantly uncovering new and interesting approaches to teaching. I am committed to motivating and supporting my students through relevant and entertaining lessons.

Régis-Pierre Fieu

French Teacher

When I was studying in France, I met two professors who inspired me to teach. The first, a French literature professor, shared such fascinating anecdotes you would believe he had lived alongside the authors we studied. The second was a philosophy professor who taught wonderfully with humour and irony. Ever since, I have sought to combine these styles in my teaching. I want my students to have fun, learn rigorously, and see the passion I have had since childhood: my language and literature! My dynamism and youth are my strengths, and further to that, I plan on staying young my whole life!