Corporate and private English and French courses

Tailored to your needs and schedule – business English and French language training that delivers fast results.


Innovative online courses and learning material

Want to speak effectively and confidently?
We have a wealth of teaching tools to get you there.

We use material of all kinds—like online resources, explanatory videos, and interactive games—aimed to familiarize you with the relevant language. Our class material is always adapted to your specific needs: we address the specific vocabulary, business protocol, and polite forms appropriate for your field.

Improve your language skills

Get results faster with
our 21-hour programs

Our eight-level program is based on the conversational method and focuses on developing oral and written abilities in business English or French.

Accredited by Emploi Quebec, each level consists of 21 hours and is taught in 1.5- to 2-hour weekly sessions (mornings, lunch and after work) over a period of 7-14 weeks.

Proof of proficiency

At the end of the session, each student receives an attestation detailing their results. As the Sullivan Language Centre is accredited by Emploi Quebec, our course fees are deductible. For more information, contact us in Montreal at 514-848-0850.

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