The Difference A Good Teacher Makes

Paul Sullivan
  • Paul Sullivan
  • November 10, 2020

The key to a successful class is a great teacher. When taking a class for business English or French, you want a teacher who will be effective and who can help you achieve your language goals, a teacher who will engage with you and recognize both your challenges and your successes. 

Well, what is it that makes a great teacher? Today, we’re going to answer this question and look at what qualities make teachers stand out as second-language educators. So whether you’re learning English as a foreign language or hoping to master Spanish or French to better communicate with clients or colleagues, you’ll know what makes the difference in a student’s education.


One of the key traits of an excellent teacher is flexibility. While planning a class is key, an essential ingredient for effective teaching is being able to adapt the class’s curriculum to what the context and environment demands. That’s why your teacher will adapt your language learning class to your needs and make sure that it fits your goals and desires!

Context- and Student-Dependent

According to a study by Auckland University, a great teacher is able to focus on the “ability, expertise, and background” of the student. So when you are learning business English, French, or Spanish, your teacher will focus on the best fit for you and your situation. They will also adapt the class to best match the challenges you face regularly in order to make sure you get the most out of your class. As Professor John Hattie says in the Auckland study, expert teachers are “great seekers and users of feedback information about their teaching.” 

Expert Teachers Care About Learning

For expert teachers, class isn’t about completing the curriculum and finishing up the exercise book. Rather, they care about learning itself and are passionate about education. Upgrading your skill set with an expert teacher can be beneficial and fun, as these teachers care about how students absorb and integrate information. Education is a gift that can change one’s life, and expert teachers are dedicated to ensuring that your learning experience transforms yours.

Recognition and Patience

Because they have such high respect for their students, expert teachers recognize barriers and challenges to learning and seek ways to overcome them. Whether you struggle with pronunciation, or have a hard time with grammar, or simply want to expand your vocabulary, your teacher will find a way to create an optimal learning environment. After all, improving your skill set is their first priority.

So if you were hoping to take a class to improve your English or French fluency, want to improve your writing in English or in French, or perhaps were interested in sharpening your skills in Spanish, the Sullivan Language Centre has teachers ready to create the ideal learning environment for you so you can see improvement from day one!