Paul Sullivan
  • Paul Sullivan
  • 27 mars, 2020


Our society puts a lot of pressure on looking young and beautiful. The beauty industry—and its growing influence—is proof of how far people will go to restore a youthful look. Sure, you’ve heard of botox and facelifts, but what about the snake massage or the vampire lift? Prepare to learn about some of the most imaginative and shocking beauty treatments in vogue these days. If you’re skeptical about who would undergo these procedures, keep in mind that many are backed by major celebrities.


You can feel the tautness in your muscles after a single intense session at the gym. Just think: if 20 squats can make you sore, how would 20,000 feel? The answer is: surprisingly pleasant. A new therapy designed to replace intense muscle workouts, EMSCULPT is a highly sophisticated procedure that takes advantage of the body’s natural tension-relaxation cycles and promises to tighten up and recontour one’s body.

The procedure is relatively simple. By creating a High Intensity Focus Electromagnetic (HIFE) field at a targeted area of the body, doctors induce a state of extreme muscle contraction, the rough equivalent of 20,000 reps. Whether the procedure is focused on the abdomen, the chest, or even the buttocks, just a quick seance is said to provide incredible results, as its extreme rigor forces muscles to outright restructure themselves.

While this sounds like something out of Star Trek, the treatment had supposedly been used by megastar Taylor Swift, as well as the sixty-something but ever-youthful Madonna.


Worried that the effects of prolonged stress are taking a toll on your body? There’s an easy solution to just that: it’s a massage with snakes. If you’re the type to freak out when you see a slithering garden serpent, not to worry: these aren’t the sneaky type. They are boa constrictors.

Meet Serpentessa. She has been running her New York-based snake massage parlour for over 20 years. Typically, a snake massage involves three or four scaly masseuses accompanied by the Serpentessa herself. Though she does not participate directly—the snakes do all the heavy kneading—she directs the snakes as they slither over your body to make sure they hit the juicy spots and work out those knots! Serpentessa makes sure that her beloved snakes are fed, washed, and rested before they begin their work, so you can rest assured they are not hungry for the clientele.

Snakes have often been associated with health and wellness; just look at the universal symbol for medicine symbol, with its entwining snakes. For those brave enough to try it, contact with snakes supposedly creates a boost in oxytocin and endorphins, the “feel good” hormones. In Serpentessa’s words, such contact is “sensational and is a deep dive into sensual bliss.”


The title says it all. Using cells harvested from human placenta, doctors perform a “stem cell facial” treatment via a new technique known as “micro-needling.” That means that the doctor inserts tiny doses of stem cells just below the surface of the skin. Due to their highly adaptive and regenerative capacities, the stem cells gradually “boost” the cells of the face. Over a couple of weeks, the stem cells accelerate the production of skin cells and create healthier and younger looking skin. It will look like you have a newer face, which is nearly true!

Ever wonder why Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham don’t seem to have aged very much since their heyday in the 90’s? Well, some insiders have said that both J-Lo and Posh Spice are supporters and users of this controversial therapy.


We don’t know if American empress Kim Kardashian or Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen plan on living forever, but some of their iconic treatment shows that they might have a chance at immortality! Supposedly, these influential ladies have undergone the Vampire Lift, a procedure which has the doctor withdraw blood from the patient’s arm in order to isolate the PRP, the Platelet-Rich Plasma, which is then reinserted in the patient’s face. PRP is the blood’s wound-healing regenerative growth factor; unsurprisingly, when this agent is isolated and micro-needled to the face, it effectively reduces sagginess, revitalizes skin, and most notably restores the face’s shape. All that restored youth, without the fear of garlic!


  1. Which of the procedures above is most shocking? Which is most impressive? Do you have a favourite?
  2. If you had the money and means, would you consider undergoing one of these procedures? What do you think the consequences would be?
  3. The opening paragraph states that our culture focuses a lot on looks. Do you think this is true? Is social media exaggerating changing the equation at all?
  4. There are a lot of big names attached to these procedures. Does that affect how you perceive the procedures or the celebrities?
  5. What do you think are the most common procedures done today?